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Posted: Apr 12, 2024

Saltwater vs Freshwater Pools: Clearflo Pools' Expert Comparison

In the pool industry, salt systems have emerged as a leading trend, offering unparalleled benefits for pool enthusiasts. As specialists in saltwater systems, Clearflo Pools provides comprehensive solutions that redefine the pool ownership experience. In this article, we delve into the advantages of saltwater systems versus traditional freshwater pools, offering valuable insights to help you make an informed decision for your own backyard pool.

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Posted: Jan 30, 2017

Saltwater Systems for Home Pools

‚ÄčAs one of the fastest growing trends in aquatic entertainment, salt systems can be very nice to have on a high use pool. We specialize in saltwater systems.  People often wonder what the benefits are to having a saltwater system vs a traditional fresh water system.

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