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Saltwater Systems for Home Pools

Saltwater Systems for Home Pools
Posted: Jan 30, 2017
Categories: Pools and Spas
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As one of the fastest growing trends in aquatic entertainment, salt systems can be very nice to have on a high use pool. We specialize in saltwater systems.  People often wonder what the benefits are to having a saltwater system vs a traditional freshwater system.

Both saltwater and freshwater pools use some form of chlorine to help keep the water clean.  The difference is in the system itself. Saltwater systems actually use salt chlorine generators to turn the salt into usable chlorine –so as long as you provide enough salt, you will have clean water.  The saltwater itself is a much better option to straight liquid chlorine on the skin, hair and eyes.  The water itself is softer and a better option for those with chlorine allergies because it is much easier on the skin.

Some more benefits include easy maintenance and lower monthly expenses.    With a saltwater system, fine pool-grade salt has to be added directly to the water and replenished annually. This costs, for an average sized pool, less than $10 a year.  When you compare this to the liquid chlorine and chemicals needed for a traditional freshwater pool, those monthly costs are around $300-$500 a year.

We are a residential service dealer for Ecomatic Salt Systems. We regularly service pools that are saltwater. Because of this, we’re experts in keeping your systems working correctly and for longer than the expected lifespan.

If you have questions about installing or maintaining a salt system, contact us at 805.428.0132

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