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Why You Should Have Your Pool Water Professionally Tested

Why You Should Have Your Pool Water Professionally Tested
Posted: Dec 21, 2016
Categories: Pool Maintenance
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Everyone with a backyard pool should be familiar with water testing. There are plenty of at home test kits that have strips or drops that read different levels.  The problem with these home test kits? The average kit with strips or drops reads only pH, chlorine, and sometimes alkalinity.  There is much more to having your water tested than that.

Having professional maintenance is really the best idea for those who have a pool.  When it comes to water testing, even if you can get the results on your own on pH, chlorine and alkalinity, there are other levels that are important to your pool that need to be tested on a regular basis as well.  The point of this is to ensure water balance and safety. Why have a home pool if it’s not safe to swim in?

Having your pool water professionally tested also gives you peace of mind. Professional testing done by certified pool operators is far more accurate than home tests.  Not only are you getting more extensive tests done, you’re also given the added security of knowing that your pool water is safe and balanced.

A weekly pool maintenance is definitely recommended to homeowners.  This simple proper care, management, and maintenance can prevent unexpected costly repairs.  The point is to keep your pool safe and running smoothly so that it is always operational.  Because all pools are different, maintenance needs are different as well.  Working with a professional company with a reputable history is your smartest choice.

Are you in the area and looking for a pool maintenance company? Do you have any questions about the kind of maintenance that’s included or should be done for your pool? We’d be happy to help. Feel free to call us at 805.428.0132 to get started.

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