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Southern California Edison Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebate Program

Southern California Edison Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebate Program
Posted: Dec 28, 2015
Categories: Pool Maintenance
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Clearflo Pools is sensitive to environmental concerns and California's future energy needs. Southern California Edison (SCE) has a variable speed pool pump rebate program that we participate in. Upgrading to this variable speed pool pump can conserve electricity and save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill.

As a part of this rebate program, SCE offers incentives for homeowners who participate in backyard energy conservation. A $200 rebate is given to homeowners who upgrade from their existing circulation system to a qualified variable speed pool pump. These pumps slow down the water in the pipes to reduce friction and therefore consume less kilowatts to circulate the pool. Take this as an opportunity to reduce your energy costs.  Give us a call to speak with a CPO certified technician to discuss your installation needs.  We can give you a consultation and go from there!

Learn more about how to: Get a $200 SCE Rebate and Save Energy! 

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