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Should You Winterize Your California Swimming Pool?

Should You Winterize Your California Swimming Pool?
Posted: Nov 29, 2018
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As a Southern California pool company we can say that the winters in this part of the country are definitely a lot kinder on pools than in other areas. However, we do have drops in temperatures and sometimes even ice and other inclement weather here and there. So, does a swimming pool in Southern California need to be winterized?

The answer is that, as always, you should be careful to monitor (or hire a professional to monitor) the condition of your pool. However, you don’t have to close your pool for the winter. Many homeowners still want to blast their heaters and enjoy their pool and spas throughout the year.

If you won’t be regularly using your pool during the winter months, use this time to your advantage. Keep your swimming pool and spa thoroughly cleaned. Remove all dirt and debris. You should then balance the water by checking pH, adding necessary chemicals, etc. This will hold you over until the weather warms up and you begin using your pool regularly again. Use the winter months as a time for maintenance. Keep the pool clean, check equipment for any maintenance or repairs needed. Use this time as an opportunity to clean the pool and filters, repair equipment or structural issues and then cover the pool until you’re ready to use it again to keep a lot of extra debris from entering the pool.

You can consider adding a freeze protector to your pool system if you do live in an area that occasionally freezes. This senses when temperature drops and triggers your equipment to start up so water can circulate. It is not advisable to drain your swimming pool each winter in California, so you don’t need to worry about this.

Bottom line? Take away the headache and hire a professional. We continue to service and check on our pools throughout the year to be sure that they are in great working order for our customers at all times. Call us today to get started at 805.428.0132!

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