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Pool Tile: Why Have it Professionally Cleaned?

Pool Tile: Why Have it Professionally Cleaned?
Posted: Jan 16, 2017
Categories: Pool Maintenance
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Tile cleaning is an important part of owning a pool.  When we first build a pool for a client, the tile is beautiful and in great shape.  The thing is, in order to keep it that way, you do need to maintain the tile and have it cleaned on occasion. If you’ve bought a house with a pool, you may have noticed that the tile may appear old or cloudy.  Many times, this can be remedied.

Calcium deposits build up over time.  This makes your swimming pool appear a bit dull and dingy.  Not to mention the fact that this can lead to scum build up and even damaged pool tile if left untreated.  It’s best to have a professional come in and do the job. Glass tile can be really hard to clean because it can scratch easily.

In our process, we blast off dirt and calcium using the correct tools to clean glass tile without etching or scratching it.  Our customers are extremely important to us; we want you to be happy with the way your pool looks.  Our goal is to make pool tile look new again so that you and your guests will want to enjoy it more. 

The point of owning your own pool is to be able to use it.  Dull and dingy swimming pools are not the most inviting.  Tile that ends up being irreparably damaged will also need to be replaced.  The best way to prevent those issues is to have your pool tile professionally cleaned.

In the event that you do have damaged or missing tiles, we specialize in tile repair as well. We are happy to work with our customers to get their swimming pools back into working order.

Are you in the area and looking for a pool company to clean or repair tile? Do you have any questions or thoughts? We’d be happy to help. Feel free to call us at 805.428.0132 to get started.

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