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Pool Cleaning: Maintaining Your In Ground Pool

Pool Cleaning: Maintaining Your In Ground Pool
Posted: Feb 27, 2021
Categories: Pool Maintenance
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Pool cleaning is more than just skimming the dead bugs off the surface of your pool water. To keep your pool in good condition, and to ensure that the water is safe for swimming, you’ll need to invest in a weekly pool service to make sure your pool is clean, the water is chemically balanced, and the equipment stays running smoothly.  If your pool isn’t cleaned and maintenance regularly, you are looking at costly and potentially dangerous long-term consequences.

The good news? This can easily be avoided with a weekly routine to clean your pool, maintain the chemical balance, and to check the equipment.  Taking care of a problem before it happens, not after, can result in huge savings. Repairing a cracked or corroded pool is an expense you should work to avoid.

A pool that is not regularly maintenance runs the threat of: unclean water that leads to health risks, poor water circulation and filtration components failing to function, slippery tiles from algae growth that leads to pool accidents, cracked pools, and so much more.

What should you be looking for on a regular weekly basis? An attentive pool service company will be:

Skimming Leaves and Debris

This is a task that can be done daily if you have the time for it. Skimming is the first step of your weekly maintenance routine to remove any leaves, insects, or other debris from the surface of your pool. All kinds of things can fall into your pool. Gathering them up before they sink in and create stains or clog up your filtration system is an important first step.

Brush Sediment from Pool Walls

Your pool service company should be brushing your pool walls on a regular basis. Remember that algae and small bits of debris can gather on the walls of your pool. Every week, the pool walls and accessories like ladders should be brushed to prevent the spread of algae and remove any dirt that may have collected on the sides or bottom of your pool.

Checking Your Pool Equipment and Chemical Levels

We service all types of pools, from regular liquid chlorine to saltwater pools to copper ionization systems to complete oxygen/copper ionization/UV light/break down chamber systems. Make sure that, whatever kind of pool you have, you’re working with a company who specializes in servicing your specific type of pool. Your pool cleaning company should be regularly checking your pool equipment and chemical levels. We can perform the correct sanitation for a healthy pool even for the most complex systems. Click here to find out what our weekly service includes.

In addition to regular maintenance, you may need extra care for the following issues:

  • After heavy thunderstorms
  • After a fire / wildfire
  • After a large group swims in the pool (following a party)
  • If you notice a smell coming from the pool
  • In the case of extreme temperatures
  • If swimmers notice skin irritation or red/burning eyes
  • Algae growth
  • Water that appears murky or slimy

Having your pool professionally cleaned and maintained by Clearflo Pools will keep it sparkling clean, so that you can take the time to relax and enjoy your pool. Proper care can prevent unexpected repairs to ensure your pool is always operational.  All pools are different and so are their maintenance needs.  The key to a healthy pool is regular, routine care and Clearflo Pools’ Certified Pool and Spa Operators will always arrive on time and on the same day each week.

Looking for regular pool maintenance? We’d love to help! Contact us today at (805) 428 0132 to arrange an initial visit and work out a regular schedule.

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