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Outdoor Entertaining Tips and Must Haves: Outdoor Coverings, Lighting, and Fans

Outdoor Entertaining Tips and Must Haves: Outdoor Coverings, Lighting, and Fans
Posted: Apr 15, 2020
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In our last article in this series, we discussed how welcoming and creative seating areas for your guests are always the first step to a perfect outdoor entertaining space to give your guests a comfortable place to gather. The next most important must haves for an outdoor entertaining area are coverings, lighting, and fans. 

There is nothing like planning and preparing for a fun outdoor event with your guests only to have the blazing sun or pouring rain ruin your good time. Think of the last beautiful summer wedding or event that you attended. Do you remember the day for the heat and beating sun or do you remember the day for the memories made? Sometimes the difference between these two experiences is as simple as providing some sort of covering or shade. 

If your outdoor entertaining space is lacking shade or a space to protect your guests from a little rain, you may want to invest in a pergola or a structure where your guests can relax away from the harsh rays of the sun or the downpour. More permanent structures allow for the installation of fans and lighting to further accommodate the comfort of your guests while providing ambiance to every event.

Adding a fan to your outdoor entertaining space helps in several ways. It can cool off your entertaining area as well as work to keep pesky bugs away from your guests.

When it comes to lighting, this isn’t a detail that can be overlooked when you’re hoping to create an inviting backyard space. Your guests will be left in the dark unless you plan for a source of lighting. This can be anything from ceiling fans with built in lights to sconces and lanterns to string lights. Think of the mood you’re trying to accomplish and choose lighting that reflects both your design needs and your practical needs.

Keep your mind open to possibilities. Just because you don’t have a covered porch or pergola now, doesn’t mean that you could add one on for a valuable addition to your home and entertaining space. Think long term. How can you best enjoy the space that you have? Are you maximizing your yard’s potential? We can help you see the possibilities in your own space.

Need help creating your own perfect outdoor entertaining area? Look no further, give us a call to get started today! (805) 428-0132

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