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A Swimming Pool Adds Value to Your Home

A Swimming Pool Adds Value to Your Home
Posted: May 30, 2017
Categories: Pools and Spas
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Living in Southern California means living in a mild, warm, and sunny climate for most of the year. With little rain and clear skies, it’s easy to see why people love having a private pool at their own home. But, does it add value to your home? Is it worth the investment?

Deciding whether or not a pool is worth the investment involves several factors. Resale value is not the only thing to consider. This is also a very valuable feature of your home that you yourself will be enjoying.  Most higher-end neighborhoods will have a high percentage of homes with pools. This may be a big item on the list that perspective buyers will be looking for.  This is especially true if your yard is big enough to have a pool and also have adequate yard left over for enjoying as well.

While people may enjoy a home with a pool, they’re not likely going to enjoy the prospect of buying a home with a pool that hasn’t been maintained. If it’s in poor condition or if it’s very old and needs a lot of work and updating, you aren’t as likely to see a return on that investment.  If you want to have a pool, and you want to see some of those costs recouped when you sell, then it’s important to maintain your pool. This can be simple enough.  Weekly maintenance will keep the pool in great condition and will catch or prevent any issues that may come up.

You truly can’t put a price tag on the improved enjoyment of your home that a pool can bring. If you are considering building a pool, that is one of the biggest factors for you to keep in mind.  The quality of life factor is something that will be a bonus to you and also a bonus to any future buyer.

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