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5 Tips to Manage Your Pool in the Winter

5 Tips to Manage Your Pool in the Winter
Posted: Sep 26, 2016
Categories: Pool Maintenance
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Although our clients are lucky enough to reside in Southern California with gorgeous sunny weather, maybe you have decided against a heated pool. Or maybe you’re not soaking up your rays on the West Coast. If live in a colder climate, or without a heater, here is a list of 5 tips for maintaining your pool in the colder months. Remember, having a great pool maintenance company like us will always be the best first step.

1. Add a Mid-Winter Algaecide

On the last day that you are using your pool for the season, add an algaecide or algaestat (preventative) to the water and run your pump for 24 hours so that it can fully circulate.  You want to one that stays in the water for a length of time.  You add this on the last day and circulate for 24 hours so that you can then shut down the circulation system for the winter.

2. Check Entire System to Prevent Freezing

Remember that freezing and then cracking is a huge and costly issue that you want to avoid with your pool and spa during the winter months.  Any excess water at all can freeze. Before you close the pool, be sure to check pipes and motorized parts.  You’ll want to drain the water from the pump, pool heater and filter.

3. Keep Your Pool Cover Clean During the Winter

So your pool is covered –that is great. But that’s not where your work ends.  Leaves, sticks, dirt and debris that accumulate throughout the winter can leave you with stagnant water and other issues.  Using an air pillow that is connected to the cover in the center of the pool is a way to protect your pool from snow and ice damage and also a way to disperse water and debris to the sides of the pool. This makes cleaning much easier.

4. Discard All Old Pool Chemicals

“Winter” should work as “Spring” cleaning for your pool. Go through your shed or garage and clean out all of the pool chemicals you used that season.  Get all new pool chemicals for the following year. Using old chemicals could leave you with a much bigger problem on your hands.

5. Open Back Up Early

You should open your pool before the water gets too warm. If you wait until later in the spring, you are more likely to have more algae or biofilm growing in the pool.  This will need to be inactivated and removed. You may not actually be swimming until at least late spring to early summer, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the water is warm before you start treating it for algae and bacteria growth.  The warmth breeds it.

Do you have any more winter pool concerns? We have plenty of tips, tricks, advice, and services designed to help you. If you have any questions, or are curious about a job we may be able to do for you, comment below or give us a call at: 1.805.428.0132

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